The Last Immortal

The Last Immortal

Premiere Date: December 11, 2023
Air Time: 6:00 pm
Country: CN
Air Day: Monday
Watch The Last Immortal series online. It tells an inspirational story that happens between Yin, a diligent Shuining Beast, and Gu Jin, son of the true God, whose magic power was sealed. They met each other by accident and have embarked on the journey to find Feng Yin's Immortal Essence since then. In company with their friends including Hong Yi, a fox from the Demon Clan, and Yan Shuang, the Princess from the Eagle Clan, they fight against the odds to collect Feng Yin's Immortal Essence along the way. To help Feng Yin come back after all the struggles, they have repeatedly the villain Qing Lin and his subordinate's obstruction. In the end, not only do they reap their love, friendship and family, but they have also fulfilled their promise to maintain peace in the world. After twenty-seven sad premature deaths, Ayin walked across Naihe Bridge to seek justice from the ghost monarch. Xiuyan told her that there were only two possibilities for such bad luck: one was that she had offended a great figure in the gods, and the other was that she herself was a great figure. Ayin scoffed at this, since the True God Bai Jue died and the ancient world was closed, there were no great figures in the Three Realms. Only after a long time that Ayin realized that Xiuyan’s answer was correct. It’s a pity that in the Three Realms there is no place for Ayin. When she jumped into Wangchuan for the last time, she finally figured out one thing, that the demon, god, and the devil didn’t live long in the Three Realms. Demons, gods, and devils, born in the world, will always be annihilated, such as her. Watch series online free.

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首发预告:赵露思王安宇缔结契约趣闯三界寻仙元【神隐 The Last Immortal】

首发预告:赵露思王安宇缔结契约趣闯三界寻仙元【神隐 The Last Immortal】

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