Spy Classroom

Spy Classroom

Premiere Date: January 5, 2023
Air Time: 10:30 pm
Country: JP
Air Day: Thursday
Watch Spy Classroom series online. After a gruesome war wreaked havoc on the general populace, the governments of the world turned to a more elusive tactic to further their agendasa war fought in the shadows.Lily, a beautiful girl with white locks, is a student in one of the many institutions that train youths into becoming capable spies. Unfortunately, despite scoring well in the written exams, she only manages to barely pass her practicals. With no real world skills to speak of, her hopes of graduating are dismaluntil she is offered an opportunity to join the mysterious team "Tomoshibi" and partake in an Impassable Mission.Excited by the prospect of working with the elite, Lily enthusiastically accepts. However, she is struck dumb when she arrives at Kagerou Palace and the true purpose of Tomoshibi and its hopeless situation comes into light. Joined by other problematic female spies along with a mysterious young man spearheading the operation, Lily realizes that this is not the ideal escapade she had pictured. Spy-in-training Lily is desperate to score a passing grade. Eager to prove herself, she leaps at the chance to join the mysterious team Lamplight and beat the Impossible Mission. Too bad the task ahead is even more harrowing than she imagined… Watch series online free.

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Spy Classroom Official Trailer 2

Spy Classroom Official Trailer 2

Spy Classroom Official Trailer

Spy Classroom Official Trailer

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