Jamies One-Pan Wonders

Jamies One-Pan Wonders

Premiere Date: August 22, 2022
Casts: Jamie Oliver
Air Time: 8:30 pm
Country: GB
Air Day: Monday
Watch Jamies One-Pan Wonders series online. Jamie Oliver offers the ultimate solutions-based guide to making brilliantly easy and delicious meals all cooked in just one pan, pot or dish. Jamie shows us an innovative array of never-before-seen techniques, tricks and hacks to create simple and delicious meals, and cut down on the washing-up – even the pasta dishes don't require a second pan to boil water in.From brunches and lunches to dinners and desserts, these easy-to-follow recipes are solutions for Jamie's own family that we can use for ours. Packed full of dishes that deliver big on flavour with minimum fuss – from speedy 15-minute meals to low and slow dishes that let the oven do all the hard work – there are brilliant ideas for batch cooking and clever shortcuts to family favourites we all love to eat but don't always have the time to make. Jamie's One-Pan Wonders is the solution for busy lives and anyone who loves delicious food but hates washing-up. Jamie Oliver shows us how to make deliciously easy, gnarly meals cooked in just one pan, pot or dish, as he shares his tips, tricks and hacks for dishes that deliver big on flavour with minimum fuss. Watch series online free.

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