James May: Our Man In…

James May: Our Man In…

Premiere Date: January 3, 2020
Casts: James May
Air Time: 12:00 am
Air Day:
Watch James May: Our Man In… series online. Fifteen years after James May first visited Japan as a baffled tourist, he'll be embarking on a quest to understand the unique, extraordinary and complex country. The birthplace of the haiku and classical art forms driven by the principles of Wabi (stark beauty) and Sabi (natural inspiration) and Yugen (grace and subtlety). Japan is also the place that's given us Godzilla, Hello Kitty, Cosplay, and some of the strangest obsessions on the planet. James will embark on an epic journey across all of Japan from North to South, determined to understand why this unique land and its people are the way they are, what drives their whole culture and what their approach to life can teach the rest of us. James can't speak the language, he is clueless about Japanese etiquette, but at least he knows there's a small tree called a banzai. James May embarks on a remarkable journey across Japan, from its icy north to its balmy south. He’ll see the sights, meet the locals, and eat the noodles in a bid to truly understand the Land of the Rising Sun. Watch series online free.

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James May: Our Man In Japan - Official Trailer | Prime Video

James May: Our Man In Japan - Official Trailer | Prime Video

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