Frank of Ireland

Frank of Ireland

Premiere Date: April 16, 2021
Casts: Sarah Greene, Brian Gleeson, Domhnall Gleeson, Pom Boyd
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: GB
Air Day:
Watch Frank of Ireland series online. Frank of Ireland centers on Frank Marron, who is a 32-year-old misanthropic musician who lives in Dublin with his mother. Frank is a 33-year-old catastrophe; a misanthropic fantasist in arrested development who’s convinced that the world owes him. He's also our hero. He has a tenuous hold on reality, a single room in his mother’s home, an ex he can’t get over and a loyal best friend, Doofus. This is the hilarious story of a man’s hapless search for respect. We don’t want him to succeed, but it’s fun to watch him try. Watch series online free.

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Frank of Ireland - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Frank of Ireland - Official Trailer | Prime Video

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