Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza

Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza

Premiere Date: July 25, 2016
Casts: Brendan Sheerin
Air Time: 7:30 pm
Air Day: Daily
Watch Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza series online. The Coach is back and it’s hotter than ever, as a gang of young, fun-loving Brits will be hopping on board to visit some of southern Europe’s top party spots for a sizzling summer holiday of a lifetime. This new series will see seven pairs of eager young travellers board the coach for a sun-soaked international adventure, as they set off on the Road to Ibiza. Every day they’ll take part in exhilarating activities as well as checking out the local nightlife and each other. But at the end of each day, the pairs will vote face to face to decide who they no longer wish to travel with. The couple who receives the most votes will receive a yellow card; two yellow cards will see them take home a red card and bid ‘Adios!’ to the coach to make way for a new couple. However, this time round, there are plenty of explosive voting twists and turns along the way as the tourists battle to stay Watch series online free.

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