Call It Love

Call It Love

Premiere Date: February 22, 2023
Casts: Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Kwang, Sung Joon, Kim Ye Won, Hani
Air Time: 12:00 am
Air Day: Wednesday
Watch Call It Love series online. A romantic melodrama that depicts the story of a man and a woman who, exhausted from their harsh reality, begin to understand each other with new emotions and find themselves gradually changing.Sim Woo Joo's life became miserable because of her father and his mistress. After her father's death, Sim Woo Joo is kicked out of her home by the woman her father dated. She decides to take revenge on that woman. She approaches Han Dong Jin, who is the son of her father's ex-mistress. Sim Woo Joo gets to know him and realizes that she has fallen in love with him. Han Dong Jin is a workaholic, who has suffered from loneliness for his entire life. His life changes after he meets Sim Woo Joo. A woman vows revenge on her for, a heart-wrenchingly lonely and gentle man. Watch series online free.

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Call It Love K-Drama Trailer with English Subtitles

Call It Love K-Drama Trailer with English Subtitles

Call It Love | Official Trailer | Disney+ Philippines

Call It Love | Official Trailer | Disney+ Philippines

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