Bluestone 42

Bluestone 42

Premiere Date: March 5, 2013
Casts: Tony Gardner, Jamie Quinn, Scott Hoatson, Stephen Wight, Katie Lyons, Keeno Lee Hector, Oliver Chris, Kelly Adams, Matthew Lewis, Donick Cary, Laura Aikman
Air Time: 22:00
Country: GB
Air Day: Thursday
Watch Bluestone 42 series online. Comedy drama following the lives of a bomb disposal detachment serving in Afghanistan. Bluestone 42 is a comedy drama about a British bomb disposal detachment in Afghanistan. So what’s the average working day for a hero? Make your keen young colleague deal with the boring paperwork? Wind up your fellow employees? Flirt with the new girl on the team? Or deal with an unseen enemy who’s trying to blow you up? Bluestone 42 is a comedy drama about a bunch of soldiers who just happen to be risking their lives diffusing hidden bombs. But who says they can’t have some fun alongside the serious professional stuff? This hilarious and often surprising series follows the adventures of a bunch of diverse characters living and working together at an army base in Afghanistan. This is a show about something easily forgotten; soldiers really enjoy being soldiers, but it’s not just a show for soldiers and it’s not just about the Army: it’s also a show for anybody who has ever fallen in love, experienced status battles at work or had a fear of failure. It is packed with the lively workmate banter and relationship minefields that most people will recognise. Even if they don’t face danger on a daily basis... Watch series online free.

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Bluestone 42 Trailer - BBC Three

Bluestone 42 Trailer - BBC Three

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