Beverly Hills Pawn

Beverly Hills Pawn

Premiere Date: June 5, 2013
Air Time: 9:00 PM
Country: US
Air Day: Wednesday
Watch Beverly Hills Pawn series online. A new half-hour docu-series exploring Yossi Dina and his extraordinary pawn shop in the heart of world famous Beverly Hills. The master businessman and former army captain runs his luxury shop with an iron fist, and is known for his cutthroat negotiating and his superior taste. When Hollywood’s downtrodden and desperate elite fall on hard times, they know exactly where to go to find a lot of cash… fast. Yossi grants multi-million dollar loans at a moments notice for masterpieces, gems, antiques, and priceless Hollywood treasures only attainable by the rich and famous. Each episode follows Yossi and his loyal team as they dole out massive loans to the wealthy for their incredible collectibles. Watch series online free.

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