Betty Whites Off their Rockers

Betty Whites Off their Rockers

Premiere Date: January 16, 2012 (US)
Casts: Betty White, Ann Benson, Michael Yama, Reatha Grey, Richard Reicheg, Sheila Korsi, Lou Beatty, Jr.
Air Time: 9:30pm
Country: US
Air Day: Friday
Watch Betty Whites Off their Rockers series online. Betty White’s Off Their Rockers is a television show where the elderly does pranks on the younger generation. Features Betty White, Michael Alaimo, Lou Beatty, Jr., Ann Benson, Nick De Mauro, Reatha Grey, Richard Herd, Sheila Korsi, Joan Kushell, Emilie Melonas, Richard Reicheg, Peg Shirley, Ron Southart and Michael Yama Betty White's Off Their Rockers is an American reality comedy television series broadcast on NBC. A sneak preview was released on January 16, 2012 in tribute to Betty White's 90th birthday. The show officially premiered April 4, 2012. It is based on the Belgian TV format Benidorm Bastards. White hosts the series, and also serves as an executive producer for the show. On May 13, 2012, NBC renewed the series for a second season in the mid-season schedule. On July 11, 2013, The Hollywood Reporter reported that NBC had canceled the series, citing a drop-off in ratings and low DVR viewership. Watch series online free.

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