An Unexpected Killer

An Unexpected Killer

Premiere Date: December 5, 2019
Casts: Craig Smith, Maureen Jones
Air Time: 8:00 pm
Country: US
Air Day: Friday
Watch An Unexpected Killer series online. An Unexpected Killer takes a deep dive into homicide investigations through captivating interviews with potential suspects, in-depth examinations of the crime scene and re-enactments. Viewers follow experienced homicide investigators who believe they are inches away from solving the case, until they come across something unanticipated. Whether it's a new witness, an overlooked piece of evidence or even an innovation in forensic science, in each case detectives find a startling discovery that sends the investigation in a completely new direction in their search for justice. A wild and unpredictable journey into homicide investigations where the true identity of the killer comes as a shocking surprise. Combining unparalleled access, captivating interviews and stylish reenactments, each investigation starts in a familiar way - examining the crime scene, interviewing potential suspects… but then something unexpected changes everything. A new witness, an overlooked piece of evidence or even an innovation in forensic science sends investigators on a totally unexpected path that ultimately leads to the conviction of the real killer. Watch series online free.
Season 3 Episodes

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An Unexpected Killer (2019) | Series Promo | Oxygen Network

An Unexpected Killer (2019) | Series Promo | Oxygen Network

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