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A&E After Dark Season 5, Episode 12 : Episode 12

1 alternative link(s) were found for A&E After Dark Season 5 Episode 12 – Episode 12. In case the video is not working, try other links below.In North Middlesex University Hospital, Dr Fahri is running A&E and treats an aggressive patient having a mental health episode. As he is a threat to himself and the community, he must be restrained and admitted to the dedicated mental health department.In Resus, a patient known to Dr Zoya has been rushed in after having a series of seizures. Concerned that his brain is deprived of oxygen, the team must establish what is causing the seizures, while Volodymyr remains in a critical condition.Up north in Rotherham, police have brought in a patient who hurt his ankle while fleeing arrest. This patient requires immediate care to determine the damage caused after falling from a 3-metre-high wall.Back in London, 33-year-old Zagham has been brought in wearing a makeshift splint after falling off a ladder at work. Shockingly, Zagham could see his leg was deformed after the accident and after x-rays, the break is confirmed to be worse than anyone thought, with sharp shards of bone threatening his blood vessels.In North London, another patient is in police custody. As he is known to be alcohol dependent, his heart palpitations mean that he could be in withdrawal. An urgent assessment of his heart is done, as well as treatment for the potentially lethal terrifying effect of alcohol withdrawal.Over in majors, elderly dementia patient Avril has fallen at the local hairdressers. Dr John needs to give her a thorough examination to ensure there is not an injury lurking.In Tunbridge Wells, David has come in with severe abdominal pain. Intense pain in this region suggests he may have a leak in his aorta and Dr Elise is racing to scan for this life-threatening condition. The clock is ticking to diagnose David's condition and save his life.
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