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A&E After Dark Season 5, Episode 11 : Episode 11

1 alternative link(s) were found for A&E After Dark Season 5 Episode 11 – Episode 11. In case the video is not working, try other links below.A&E in London's North Middlesex University Hospital is heating up thanks to an aggressive male who claims he has been attacked. Language is a barrier but by a stroke of luck, Advanced Clinical Practitioner Albena translates. The patient is incoherent, threatening, and is a risk to others, so security stand close until his suspected psychosis can be managed.In Rotherham, children's Nurse Kiera is pulling out all the stops for an 11-year-old girl who stepped on glass and sliced her foot open. As feet contain thousands of nerve endings, it isn't a fun evening for this poppet, made worse by the amount of blood continuing to pour out.An ambulance crew has rushed 77-year-old Susan into Tunbridge Wells A&E with a dislocated knee. What was supposed to be a lovely dog walk has quickly turned into a painful procedure. It's vital Dr Paul uses gentle hands to work Susan's knee back into place and avoid further damage.Back in London, a young man is waiting to have his hand seen to after punching a pub window. Eighteen-year-old Lenny is convinced his hand is broken and unfortunately Nurse Emmanuel agrees. Although he can't feel much now, when the alcohol wears off Lenny might painfully regret the evening's events.Nurse Sophie is on triage in Rotherham tonight as pensioner Graham comes in with his son. His gums haven't stopped bleeding days after a tooth extraction. As Graham is on blood thinners this launches him into the high-risk category.And an unresponsive patient comes into resus in London after being found unconscious on the pavement. As the patient can't respond to any questions, it's vital that the team proceed with the worst-case scenario in mind.
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