A Year on Planet Earth

A Year on Planet Earth

Premiere Date: December 21, 2022
Casts: Stephen Fry
Air Time: 12:00 am
Country: GB
Air Day:
Watch A Year on Planet Earth series online. A Year on Planet Earthis a new narrative approach, showcasing the many wonders of the world, revealing the incredible ways in which all life is connected and how massive natural events affect the lives of individual animals. Combining extreme weather, breathtaking landscapes, epic wildlife spectacles and lovable animal characters, this series reveals ourplanetin a completely new light, uncovering how animals react and adapt to shifting habitats and unexpected events. Filmed in over 60 different locations this epic documentary series will draw on the most spellbinding and dramatic stories from all corners of the globe. It will reveal the ways all life is connected and how natural events affect animals. Watch series online free.

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A Year on Planet Earth Official Trailer | Only on Fox Nation

A Year on Planet Earth Official Trailer | Only on Fox Nation

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